Before the electric guitar ruined rock and roll….

Squeeze-bot to Host The First Annual Squeeze-bot Prom

The theme to the St. X 1988 Senior Prom was Tiffany’s Feelings of Forever. I wish I were lying. Sadly, I am not. To add insult to injury, it wasn’t even a single. Yes, it would be released as a 7″ inch that summer and peak at 50 on the US charts, but at the time it was selected as the theme to our soiree, presumably by a student council member’s girlfriend, it was a little known album cut – especially in an all boys’ school.

All of this reminds us that the Prom is one of life’s most overhyped events, ranking right up there with Geraldo Rivera’s opening of Al Capone’s vault. But finally, there may be some redemption to the social ritual known as the prom thanks to Louisville band Squeeze-bot.

Squeeze-bot, the band who describes its sound as an accordion, banjo tuba band kickin’ new school jams, is hosting The First Annual Squeeze-bot Prom on Saturday April 10 from 8:00-11:00 P.M. upstairs at Swiss Hall on Lynn Street in Germantown. According to a release from the band, “There will be much awesomeness that evening!”

Cost is a reasonable $20 per couple or $12 stag. (By the way, the word “stag” just isn’t used nearly enough anymore.) In addition, there will be a cash bar, streamers, and punch. As if that wasn’t enough, you and your date will get your picture taken, and it will appear on the Squeeze-bot website. Just the chance to get that picture redone without either big, puffy hair or a white tuxedo is worth the cost of admission alone. Formal dress is not required, though, the band says to “dress up or down (preferably up”).

According to accordionist and bandleader Todd Hildreth, “Mick (banjo player Mick Sullivan) came up with the idea, and that is to basically set up a prom around a typical Squeeze-bot show.” Hildreth doesn’t think there will be any major surprises in the set list except for “maybe a couple of extra slow songs.” Hopefully that will include their super version of Crowded House’s Don’t Dream It’s Over, that reminds listeners of two things: just how great the original was and just how unique and talented Squeeze-bot is. In addition to Hildreth and Sullivan, the band consists of Brandon Johnson on tuba and Megan Samples on toy drums.

As if all of the music and fun weren’t enough to entice you to attend, a prom king and queen will be announced. So if your prom didn’t go the way you had hoped it would or you never went in the first place, here’s your chance to do it right and write the ending to your own personal John Hughes’ movie.